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Mart asked...

I have a few health concerns.

I seem to have several issues going on. Lengthy vaginal bleed after 18 months with no period, which led to diagnosis of multifibrous uterus 16 x 9 x 13cm diameter and pedunculated fibroid 9 x 7 x 12cm. Mirena coil fitted.

Initially it was thought to be complex hyperplasia but later dismissed. Liver, kidneys, lymph, skeleton, ovaries, bladder, etc are normal. However, blood tests have fluctuating ESR and CFR markers and liver tests AST and ALT aren't normal.

What should I be asking for now? I have had hepatitis bloods done and they are satisfactory. Negative for rhematoid factor. High blood pressure 184/110 - no medication. This has been going on since June.

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The answer

This has been a frustrating time for you since June. It appears that you have had a number of tests which have not yielded any further understanding of your symptoms and further confusion with your results. I would suggest you return to your gynaecologist to discuss your symptoms and results and to understand which clinical specialty you may need to see next for further reassurance.

We would strongly suggest that an opinion is sought on the management of your high blood pressure of 184/110.

Answered by Health at Hand nurses.


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