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Lorraine asked...

I had blisters on my lips from the sun.

I got blisters on my lips 4 weeks ago from the sun, although the blisters are healed, my lips are still very sore! I have tried medicated lip products, but they sting badly. I'm just using Vaseline which sooths, but they're not getting any better. Please advise what I can do?

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The answer

Blisters developing as a result of sunburn is a sign of a second degree burn, indicating the burn has damaged the first and second layer of the skin.

As the lips are now fully healed but the skin is still sensitive, there is no specific treatment needed other than simply waiting for the new skin to fully recover and settle. Using a simple Vaseline to soothe the skin is a good idea along with protecting the skin/lips completely from any further sun exposure.

You should always use a very high factor suntan lotion from now on, to prevent any further damage, sunburn and skin cancers in the future.

Answered by Dr Emmajane Down.


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