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Maz asked...

I developed bells palsy after giving birth.

Tags: Pregnancy

11 months ago I gave birth to my baby boy and 2 days after developed bellls palsy. My gp said it will go away within 20 days.

It's been 11 months and my face doesn't look good. Its asymmetrical and when smiling my eye closes and when smiling the corner of my lips move up. Also it's very difficult to smile as half of my face is very tense all the time!

What shall I do, please advise. The inflammed nerve that causes this whole thing is still hurting every few days as well.

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The answer

The condition does usually get better after a few weeks, but it seems you are one of the unlucky ones. About 20% of people do not fully recover and can develop long term symptoms from the disorder.

As you have not recovered after 11 months you may need to consider some further treatment. Physiotherapy can help teach you some facial exercises which can help strengthen the facial muscles, and improve co-ordination as well as the range of movement. Botox can also be used to help relax any muscles that have become tight.

Plastic surgery can be considered to improve the symmetry and appearance of the face. Unfortunately, it is not possible to surgically repair the damaged nerve.
Answered by Dr EmmaJane Down.


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