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Lisa asked...

I am "belching" more than usual

Hi, I have recently noticed that I am "belching" more than usual, not loudly but just in the back of my throat and it happens after I eat or drink anything as well as between meals. My neck also began aching around the same time and I'm not sure if the two are linked or if there is anything to worry about? Many thanks, Lisa

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The answer

Belching or wind in general, is usually associated with our diet. 

A change in what you eat or drink can cause the gases in the stomach to become more active.  This can also happen as we get older or due to a gastric condition or even some medications.

Your GP is best placed to discuss this with you as he can view your past medical history and ask appropriate questions.

In the meantime try to drink more clear fluids and keep an eye on your diet, maybe keep a food diary and see if certain things make the problem worse.

I doubt your neck pain is related but again only your GP can diagnose any problems. I hope this helps.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses

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