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Maria asked...

How can I start getting prescriptions again?

I have been using oral contraceptives for a few years now. For the past four years the prescription was coming from the health center of my university, now that I started working and moved away I don't know how to continue getting prescription.

Can you advise me on how can I start getting prescriptions again?

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The answer

In order to obtain further prescriptions of your oral contraceptives it will be necessary for you to register with a new General Practitioner. You can find a local practice by searching on the NHS Choices website and entering the postcode where you are now living.

Your new GP will probably ask to see you before issuing any further prescriptions, so it would probably be helpful to explain that you need this prescription when you first register, and hopefully they will arrange something for you. Alternatively, you can obtain contraceptive advice and supplies from your local Family Planning Clinic, here.

Answered by Health at Hand nurses.


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