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On a recent flight from Geneva back to London I felt really unwell. My hands were sweating. I was really short of breath. My fingers and legs had pins and needles and I had some discomfort in my chest. These symptoms started out of the blue and didn’t stop even when I got home. I was sent from the walk-in center to A&E to get my heart checked. The results from the ECG appeared to be normal. The problem now is that the shortness of breath has lasted for a couple of weeks and I still have a pain on my chest (and if I do exercise, it is always there). Should I get another ECG? Can this really mean that there is something wrong with my heart?

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The Answer

If the shortness of breath has continued you need to discuss this with your GP as there are other possible causes of this not related to the heart. 

They may want you to have another ECG but this is not a definitive test and cannot rule out other causes of the shortness of breath. 

Your GP may also be able to give you an idea of what caused the initial response you had on the flight.


Answered by the Health at Hand nurses

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