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Janet asked...

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My 28 year-old-niece has been diagnosed with a rare (one in a million) form of aplastic anaemia, where her bone marrow has failed and she is no longer making blood platelets.

Are there any natural remedies or food supplements eg. beetroot juice that could benefit her? Any advice will be most welcome. Thank you.

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The Answer

I am very sorry to hear about your niece’s condition. Unfortunately as Aplastic Anaemia is caused by a loss of function within the bone marrow, alternative remedies and food supplements are not in much of a position to help on their own.

Initially her treatment will be most effective with conventional medicines and regular transfusions which she will require. As she responds to therapy she can discuss with her treating practitioner any other remedies she might like to try alongside her conventional therapy if she wishes. It is important to discuss this first however as some alternative therapies could interfere with the conventional therapy she will be receiving.

If you would like to explore this in more depth we also have pharmacists available here at Health at Hand whom you can speak to on: 0800 003004.

I really wish both you and your niece the best of luck with her treatment.

Answered by Health at Hand nurses.


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