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Igi asked...

2 days back I took a sudden blood test and found my glucose level is 260. In the morning I had toast and sweet as breakfast and had coconut 2 hrs befor the test. Is the glucose level high because of breakfast or could I be diabetic?

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The Answer

A high sugar level at any time could indicate you have diabetes. I wonder why you tested your sugar level in the first place. Maybe you are having symptoms such as excessive thirst, tiredness or passing urine all the time. Maybe you have friends or family members with diabetes. You might be overweight and therefore at high risk of developing diabetes. Either way, it is time to see your doctor for a blood test to confirm the diagnosis and get some further advice and treatment.

Well done. You have thought of diabetes and that is an excellent first step because early diagnosis can really save your health. If you are found to be diabetic, your doctor can help you control it so that you have a healthy future.  

Answered by Dr Emmajane Down.


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