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dana fotescu asked...

4 weeks ago I had a mercury test done

4 weeks ago i had a mercury test done and it showed that my mercury level was 56nmol/L. after 2 weeks my GP made another test that it appeared that my mercury level dropped to 50nmol/L. What does this mean? did the body get rid of that 6nmol/L or the mercury bound on one of my organs? the lab classifies as normal range :0-20nmol/L. Do I have mercury poisoning or intoxication? What do those 50nmol/l and 56nmol/L mean? Do you think i need chelation therapy or the body will clear off the mercury by itself?

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The answer

The doctor who performed the test should be the one to fully explain the test results. You need to go back with these questions to the doctor that you have been seeing. I wonder why you had mercury tests in the first place. How have you been exposed to mercury? Is it an acute exposure or a chronic exposure? Do you have symptoms suggestive of acute mercury poisoning that require chelation therapy? (You are likely to be very unwell if you do). Without knowing your exact history, I cannot tell if your levels are so high that you need treatment. If you have no symptoms, it is likely that your levels will drop if you stop any further exposure to mercury. Your own GP really needs to advise you further here.

Answered by Dr Emmajane Down.


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