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Kristine asked...

I have been diagnosed with IBS

Tags: Diet

I have recently been diagnosed with IBS and my GP has given me a factsheet on FODMAPs and told me to follow that diet for the next 6 weeks. However it seems to cut out a lot of food and seems really complicated. Should I have been referred to a dietician? Can I do that on the NHS?

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The answer

Managing the IBS symptoms is the goal of the FODMAP diet. This is a specific wheat free diet which might help people with wheat sensitivity.

We understand that it is not easy to change your life time habits of buying certain foods and cooking in a specific way. However people suffering of IBS found FODMAP very useful so it is worth a try! It would also help to have a discussion with a dietician.

Your GP or your consultant can refer you on the NHS so you can have more specific dietary advice from a trained dietician.

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