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Katie asked...

Dark circles under eyes

Tags: Skin

My 9 year old has olive skin from his Italian father's genes but he has big dark rings under his eyes why is this and what can I do to get rid of the dark circles?

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The answer

Dark circles can be a sign of many different things or of nothing at all. Your sons olive skin will of course make the discolouration look more prominent. Firstly you need to take a look at your son’s lifestyle; this will highlight any obvious causes…

  • Lack of sleep (keep a note of how many hours sleep in 24 your son has)
  • Poor diet (see below) 
  • No exercise. 
  • Stress.
  • Insufficient sunshine (Vitamin D).
  • Any other symptoms? Is there an underlying illness/disease.
  • Medications.   

If you cannot identify any apparent cause after monitoring the above, keep a food diary… note what your son eats and whether the circles improve or worsen with certain types of food. A correlation between diet and circles around the eyes is often made using this method. A GP will require you to have made the above assessments yourself before he can make a diagnosis. Include your son in monitoring this situation. This will help him understand his own wellbeing, and help him get on board if changes need to be made.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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