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Linda asked...

Can't walk on my foot

I can't walk on my left foot as the pain is so bad. I can't even get out of bed in the morning because the pain is so bad. It's on the ball of my foot and sometimes it travels up my leg. I have had this pain for 6 weeks now.

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The answer

There can be many causes for foot pain, this can be localised inflammation of tendons in the foot, such as a plantar fasciitis,  a fracture to one of the foot bones, this can be a stress fracture,  arthritic changes, a nerve issue or even gout. You have not mentioned if you have had an injury, if you are athletic or if you have tried any  treatment for this pain, or if pain improves or worsens through the day. If you have not seen your GP I suggest that you do this as diagnosis of cause of the pain dictates treatment. As this has been ongoing for 6 weeks you can request a referral to a podiatrist from your GP, if your GP is unable to diagnose the condition.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses

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