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Jenni asked...

Bruised groin after bicycle accident

I came off my bicycle saddle last week during a ride and hit my groin on the metal bar. It bruised quickly which has now faded but is still extremely sore to the touch. I've now discovered that there is a hard lump on my groin, where the bruise appeared. The lump is about 3cm long and 1cm wide and doesn't seem to move when I touch it. I'd like to know what it could be.

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The answer

It is common if you hit an area hard that you will have swelling at point of impact and this can persist for some time. You can also bleed under the skin and form a haematoma,  which is a collection of blood under the skin,  at this impact point. This is often hard to touch and this will can take months to resolve, it will dissipate in time, it is usually tender to touch, but this may also be related to persistent bruising under the skin. Your GP will be able to identify this on examination.  Hopefully this will help you,

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses

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