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Tamara asked...

Black dot on my right eye

Hi, Since a week ago I can see a black dot on my right eye which moves when I move my eye. It comes and goes and doesn't affect my vision 100% of the time.

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The answer

We are unable to diagnose your condition.  You  would need to visit your general practitioner who may also use an ophthalmoscope to look into your eye in relation to your description of this black dot.

What we can say is that black dots,  a cloud like black dot and black strands are typically a sign of floaters.  Floaters are debris, that can  be found in the eye and cast a shadow on the retina.  Floaters are harmless and are part of the ageing process within the eye

If however you are getting short bursts of flashing light in one eye and there has been a sudden increase in floaters , or you vision is  distorted in any way; then you should seek  prompt medical assessment.  

Short burst of flashing light may mean that you have a detaching retina.  A detaching retina can lead to blindness, but if caught early a detaching retina can be managed very successfully with surgery.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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