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Paula asked...

Ball of my foot is painful

The ball of my right foot is very painful to walk on. It feels like I'm walking on my bones sometimes. It feels like something is moving inside at times. The ball of my right foot is much more puffy than on my left foot. Some days it's more painful than others. Is it the cartiligde that is damaged? What can be done about this?

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The answer

One of the most common causes of pain in the ball of the foot can be a problem with the small bones that reach from the toes, strenuous activity or wearing tight or ill-fitting shoes is often associated with this. Other causes can be inflammation of the tendon around the big toe and occasionally thickening of tissue around the nerve at the base of the toe. Careful assessment is usually required to determine the exact cause as treatment will vary according to this. Icing of the area and rest is generally recommended as well as anti inflammatory medication if appropriate. Depending on the cause referral for orthotics may also be made. An appointment and visit to your Gp would seem prudent in the first instance, they will be able to diagnose the exact cause and make treatment recommendations.

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