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Gillian asked...

Tags: surgery

Hi, my partner has recently had his gall bladder removed after acute cholecystitis. Is there any dietary or general health advice we should follow now he doesn't have his organ? Many thanks, Gill

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The Answer

Generally speaking after the gall bladder has been removed although your partner may have been taking a low fat diet prior to having his surgery after surgery he should aim to eat a healthy well balanced diet which includes some fats, this can aid the body to recover and help his overall general health and usually fat avoidance is no longer necessary.

Following removal of the gall bladder some people can experience loose stools for several weeks, if this is the case then we recommend taking a higher fibre diet with foods such as brown rice and whole meal bread which can help to firm up the stool. Avoiding spicy foods reducing dairy and caffeine also can help reduce the amount of loose stool being experienced. Finally it is worth bearing in mind that initially too much fat in the diet can cause loose stool due to bile irritating the digestive system.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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