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Sheilagh asked...

Fainted after brain surgery

I have had brain surgery, a subacute subdural hematoma, where they drilled holes and syphoned out the blood. I don't yet know if this occurred because of a fall I had when I hit my head on the stone floor. I am having further tests to try and find out why I fainted in the first place. The surgeon on discharging me said the blood could gather again. My question is why would it gather again unless I have another fall?

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The answer

Bleeding from a vessel in the brain can have several causes and certainly a severe blow to the head such as a fall can trigger this to happen. After a bleed depending on the type of surgery done, the cause of the problem and the vessel involved the walls of the vessel can remain weakened and may be slightly more prone to bleed again particularly in the early stages of recovery.

Without knowing further details of your case however there may be another potential contributing factor and we would suggest you either visit your GP for a chat about this or arrange to speak to your consultant in more detail when you next see him at your appointment.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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