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Shola asked...

Eye infection

I got a chunk of black mould in my eye yesterday (still in eye, can't remove), over the day I've started too experience a lot of bad symptoms like the feeling of brain swelling and pressure, blurred vision, painful palpitations, amnesia, hallucinations, hives, chest pain, numbness in body and legs, sweating but cold and dizziness etc, was so bad at one point I could not get up. I thought i was going to die. Could this be from the black mould in my eye because I've not really injured myself recently.

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The answer

Your symptoms do suggest infection of some type so we would suggest seeing your GP to assess this. We hope you did go to your nearest walk in centre or A&E to have your eye washed out after you noticed the mould in your eye as this could cause irritation or infection. Your described symptoms may be unrelated to the eye issue but only examination can determine this. If you have not seen a doctor as yet we would suggest you do this as soon as possible.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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