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Liam asked...

Extreme headaches

Tags: Headache

Hi, I currently experience extreme headaches down the righthand side of my face. I've had MRI scans through AXA PPP and nothing has come back. I've visited opticians nothing has come back. In your opinion would you suggest that the next step would be to consider seeing a chiropactor, as i've heard this can help reduce problems.

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The answer

Extreme headaches affecting one side of the head tends to be indicative of migraines and if you have not already been referred to a neurologist specialising in migraine management you may need to consider this. Chiropractor may help if the headache is related to a pinched nerve in the neck, if this was an issue it may have been identified on the MRI scan. I would suggest you follow up with your doctor on your MRI scan results. Hopefully this will help you.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses

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