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Caroline asked...

I have had a painful shoulder for weeks. A private osteopath says it is an enflamed head of biceps tendon and it is slowing improving. But would physio-therapy help?

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The Answer

Thank-you for contacting us. There are numerous issues that can affect the shoulder joint and cause pain such as you have been experiencing. For example whilst it may well be the bicep tendon causing the problem there is also the rotator cuff, this wraps around the shoulder joint and is comprised of numerous tendons and ligaments any one of which can become strained or experience a slight tear and give rise to this type of  pain and sometimes loss of full movement. While physiotherapy may well be helpful, without a full diagnosis it is not possible to know if this is the case. Under the circumstances therefore a visit to your GP would seem sensible and, if necessary, you can ask for a referral to an orthopaedic specialist who should be able to accurately diagnose and recommend the best treatment course. Very often an MRI scan for example is performed to look both at the soft tissue and areas mentioned above as well as the shoulder joint itself. This can aid both your diagnosis and the type of care required and a specialist should be able to arrange and request this as well. I do hope this will be of help and wish you the best going forward,

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses

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