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I was recently diagnosed as pre diabetic with a score of 45 where 42 to 47 is pre diabetic and 48+ is diabetic. I have been prescribed weight loss (BMI 28) and anaerobic exercise and I am working on those things.I am 74 next week. My question is how serious is this condition because there seems to be no particular concern at my Doctors surgery? They simply want to see me again in a year. To me I seem rather close to the 48 mark and would hate to actually develop diabetes with all the potential complications involved.

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The Answer

Thank you for your question to Ask The Expert regarding your Pre Diabetes diagnosis.

Pre Diabetes is sometimes called borderline Diabetes and refers to a condition in which blood sugars are raised but not sufficiently to apply the full diagnosis of Diabetes. Diabetes, itself, is a progressive and irreversible condition that requires careful monitoring.  If Pre Diabetes is carefully managed to prevent any further rise in blood sugar levels, full blown diabetes may be delayed or even prevented and, with that, the risks associated with the disease avoided.

Certain factors increase your risk of developing Diabetes. Some of these are within your individual control, whilst others are not. For example, controlling your body weight by eating a healthy balanced diet and taking regular exercise is within your control and can help to lower Blood Pressure as well as Cholesterol levels, keeping the major organs of your body healthy and functioning well. Not smoking and only taking alcohol in moderation also contribute to a healthy life style. Age, ethnicity and a family history of Diabetes is beyond your control but may also be a contributing factor to the onset of Diabetes.

Medication is generally not prescribed to lower blood sugar levels until Diabetes fully established.  Making careful life style choices may postpone or even prevent the onset of the disease and will help to slow the progress of Diabetes in the event such a diagnosis is made in future.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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