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sumathi asked...

Small swelling in my head...

From last 8 years I am having 5 small swelling in my head little hard without pain what's the reason now my age is 30 married female having 1 son.

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The answer

Thank you for your question.

Usually the type of lumps on the head you describe are harmless and there can be many causes for these type of lumps. We can see you have had these lumps for eight years and if they have not changed in size or shape or caused any symptoms then it is unlikely that they are a cause for concern. The most common causes of painless hard lumps on the head are: Benign blockages of hair follicles causing a collection of fluid which thickens over time, these are often red in colour and similar to spots seen on the face such as in acne: Lipomas- these are benign cysts consisting of fat and tissue these tend to be softer can be felt as hard depending on how long they have ben there, they are usually moveable under the skin however when you press them, Pilar Cysts: these are benign and commonly seen on the scalp and hairline, these are made up of cells similar to hair follicles, they can disappear over time and are usually symptomless. Calcification / bone spurs- this can occur when there is an excess of calcium in the body and the calcium deposits in the bone cause small calcified areas which can be felt as a hardened lump. None of the above would be a cause for concern unless you developed any symptoms or the lumps themselves increase in size.

We have used the above examples for lumps that feel hard on the scalp, there are several other types of lumps that can also be found on the scalp such as sebaceous cysts but these are not usually hard to the touch and can become very painful. It would seem a good idea however to visit your Gp for a chat about this, they will be able to examine your scalp and the lumps you are feeling closely which will enable them to diagnose the cause of these for you and discuss whether any treatment is required.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses