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Naresh asked...

what can I do to help me sleep?

what can I do to help me sleep?

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The answer

If you are having difficulty sleeping you may need to look at a few lifestyle changes to help you sleep. Most adults need between 7-9 hour’s sleep per night, some people require less. A few simple changes may be all that is needed, such as reducing caffeine intake in the afternoon, setting a regular sleep and waking time, removing any electronic devices from your bedroom, having a slightly cooler temperature in the bedroom, making sure the room is darkened and making an effort to unwind for the 90 minutes prior to your planned bed time, this may be a warm bath, relaxation CD or yoga. If none of this helps then we would suggest talking to your GP, occasionally short term use of sleeping medication is needed, but your GP will need to assess you for this. Hopefully this will help you,

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses