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Fred asked...

I had rectal bleeding for a few days continuously...

I had rectal bleeding for a few days continuously in Feb 2015. High fibre intake for a few days resolved it. I have had one very faint stain every other month typically after constipation mainly during autumn winter months. I have had annual FOB tests and they are negative and all bloods come back fine. Physician does a DRE and find no blood on finger and typically piles is quoted. Whenever there is rectal bleeding episode its very light stains on the paper and Scheriprot typically cures it within a day or so. Is this typical of piles? I have no pain anywhere bar a scratch like feeling during bowel movements whenever a blood is stain found. Will I have to put up with this odd days of blood staining forever? Please advise best method to reduce such instances. Thanks

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The answer

Thank you for your question.

Haemorrhoids, also know as piles are swellings containing enlarged blood vessels found around and inside the back passage. Sometimes there are no symptoms but when they do occur, they may include:

  • Bleeding after having bowels open
  • Itchy bottom.
  • A lump hanging down outside of the back passage. Which may need to be pushed back after having your bowels open.
  • A mucous discharge after having your bowels open.
  • Soreness, redness and swelling around your back passage.

Continue to gradually increase the amount of fibre in your diet. A good source of fibre is fruit, vegetables, wholegrain rice, pasta and bread, pulses and beans, nuts and oats. Drink plenty of fluids, but try to reduce caffeine and alcohol. Try not to delay going to the toilet as this can lead to the stool becoming harder and drier which may lead to you straining when you want your bowels open. If you are over weight trying to loose some weight and taking regular exercise.

There are creams that you can apply topically and medication that you can take to help ease symptoms and make it easier to have your bowels open.

You may want to speak to your GP with regards to this.

You may find it helpful to google www.nhs.choices.uk which discusses in more detail treatment and management of haemorrhoids.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses