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Jamie asked...

Over a year ago now I injured myself at the gym...

Hi team, As per my previous question - Over a year ago now I injured myself at the gym doing "flies" on chest. Following this I get sharp pains it seems on the bone itself on the top of my right shoulder, close to the collar bone, whenever I perform flat bench exercises or certain movements. I also have this pain if I press on this specific point. I rested for over 3 months without performing this movement many times so far over the year but the injury itself never seems to heal up. What should my next step be?

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The answer

If the pain is ongoing after a year and there is a focal point on the right shoulder that is tender to touch then this would suggest the injury has not healed or has worsened. Ligament or tendon injuries do take longer to heal and this is expected as the tissue has a lesser blood supply, but there should have been an improvement after this length of time and 3 months away from exercising the shoulder area.

We would suggest talking to your GP to request a scan of your shoulder area and/or referral to a specialist via your private medical insurance if you have this. If you have not been referred to a physiotherapist, you may want to discuss this as they can assess your movement and how you exercise, then suggest exercises that may help reduce this pain. We would also suggest talking to your claims team regarding cover and access to the Working Body team as this may move things forward more quickly for physiotherapy access and scanning. Hopefully this will help you,


Answered by the Health at Hand nurses