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James asked...

I have a small lump/ pressure area on my head...

I have a small lump/ pressure area on my head near my ear that painful when I touch it and have felt it over 5 months now. Also get tired a lot and also my genital balls feel different like more sensitive sometimes like heavier. I put it down to stress over a messy relationship breakdown but thought I would ask.

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The answer

Thank you for your question. In terms of the painful lump you can feel on your head near your ear, there can be several causes , a swollen lymph is often the most common cause and these cans well and become painful if there is infection or inflammation in the area. Other common causes are abcesses, inflammation of the mastoid bone, this is the bone behind your ear, and dermatitis which is when waxy or dead skin cells build up and can cause inflammation and pain. Stress and tiredness can cause dermatitis in addition to yeast infections.

You mention that you have been experiencing stress through a relationship breakdown and it is known that stress can have a negative effect on our immune system leading us to be more susceptible to infections and a general feeling of being run down. You can support your immune system by taking supplements of Zinc and Vitamin C for example if you do not think you are getting enough or eating a balanced diet which often goes hand in hand with stress and the causes of it. Overall given your concerns about your testicles as well it would seem sensible to go and have a chat with your Gp about the lump you can feel on your head and also about your overall health and concerns. They will be able to both assess and examine you and should be able to provide a good guide and as to what is wrong as well as suggesting any treatment that may help.

We do hope you will find this information of use, please contact us again if we can help any further.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses