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Pratima asked...

What test are done to test for high pressure inside the head?

What test are done to test for high pressure inside the head?

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The answer

Several tests can be done to check for high Intracranial Pressure, high pressure within the head, this starts with an assessment of vision and the eyes, testing motor function of muscles and reflexes. More invasive testing is needed if high intracranial pressure is suspected, this would start with a lumbar puncture, where a needle is inserted into the spine to check the pressure in the fluid surrounding your brain and spinal cord. An Intraventricular catheter can be inserted if further monitoring is needed, this would require a catheter being inserted through the brain into the lateral ventricle within the brain which if filled with cerebrospinal fluid. Both lumbar puncture and Intraventricular catheter insertion will require admission to hospital and a stay in hospital. If elevated intracranial pressure is diagnosed, Doctors will begin testing to locate cause of this, usually CT scanning or an MRI scan as diagnosis will dictate appropriate treatment. Hopefully this will help you,

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses