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Chris asked...

I have what I believe is eczema on my penis...

Hello, I have what I believe is eczema on my penis shaft. I have some in my hair line also. But this is the first time it has appeared downstairs. I am traveling a lot and don't know if I need to visit a GP in another country or should I try and find a specialist straight away or better to visit the sexual health place just in case I am wrong. On my penis the rash looks the same but doesn't itch. Many thanks

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The answer

If you have had unsafe sexual practices prior to this rash appearing on your penis then you will need to go to a sexual health clinic to be tested as an STI can initially appear as a rash. As the rash is not itchy, which is normal with eczema, this will have to be considered and early diagnosis and treatment is needed. The eczema may also be related to an allergy to something you have been in contact with, again this would tend to itch. As this is new for you we would suggest seeing a doctor for diagnosis as this will dictate treatment or referral to specialist if needed. We would suggest having a sexually transmitted infection ruled out first and then specialist referral if needed.

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Answered by the Health at Hand nurses