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Krishin asked...

Excessive sweating

Hi, Ever since I was young (aged 5-6) I have had an issue with excessively sweating through my hands. This developed into excess sweating in my feet and armpits during my teenage years and it is something that has become a part of my daily life. The sweating at times is frankly ridiculous and it's not uncommon for my hands to be completely wet or there to be a pool of sweat by my feet. I find that when I do sweat, going to the toilet to urinate tends to reduce how much I sweat. I am now 23, and last year I also got a small bald patch on my head. I thought it was nothing, and that is would grow back but the thinness has spread in a band across one side of the back of my head. From online research, as these are two very annoying issues when having a social life, I have come across the symptoms for an overactive thyroid. Could you please advise me on what these issues may mean, and what next steps could be?

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The answer

The excessive sweating and hair loss you have been experiencing may or may not be linked.

Hair loss related to endocrine disorders such as with the Thyroid gland are more commonly associated with generalized hair loss and thinning across the body, this can happen over areas such as the trunk, legs and arms in addition to the on the scalp which may be something to bear in mind. Thyroid disorders can also cause a range of symptoms in addition to the excessive sweating you have been experiencing.

Given your symptoms we do feel it would be sensible for you to visit your GP, Thyroid problems can be detected by performing a very simple blood test. Your Dr will be able take a thorough history from you of your problems and perform any testing necessary. Should your tests come back normal there are also now a variety of treatments available to treat excessive sweating which you may wish to then pursue together with your GP.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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