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Vicky asked...

I suffer with endometriosis

I suffer with endometriosis and have had several laparoscopies to help. Some quite major but treated under my private health care. It has reappeared after having my child and this time I am being told more major grades of endometriosis can no longer be treated under private health care and have to be pulled back into the NHS system and dealt with by the centre of excellence near to my home. Can you shed some light on this? My endometriosis has gone into my bowel wall and lower vagina so will always be deemed major and therefore by private health care seems surplus now.

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The answer

Dear Vicky, thank you for contacting us at Ask the Expert.  I am so sorry to hear about the problems you have. Endometriosis can be treated in a variety of ways as I’m sure you’re already aware, these can be medical, or by using micro or laser surgery for example. A laparoscopy is a diagnostic procedure that is performed to ascertain the exact location and extent of problems such as endometriosis. Often during a laparoscopy the surgeon is able to carry out procedures such as diathermy or laser surgery to treat the endometriosis at the same time. More recently centres of excellence have been developed within the NHS that specialise in managing endometriosis and these centres also have specialist laparoscopists who have particular expertise in managing endometriosis by this route. If you would like to learn more about your condition and these centres of excellence if you haven’t already you may find the following link very useful:- https://www.endometriosis-uk.org

If your query relates more to the level of cover for your condition then you may also like to have a talk with one of the advisers in membership services regarding your policy and  cover, and what also can be offered to support you with this condition such as Health at Hand this is a 24 hour health information service and gives you access to nurses, counsellors, pharmacists and midwives. I do wish you the best in finding best treatment in the meantime and please don’t hesitate to contact us further if there is anything else we can do to help

N L Porges
Registered Nurse

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