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Patrick asked...

Dull back ache

I'm experiencing a persistent dull ache that emanates from my back and travel through to just below my ribs on both sides. It is relieved when I'm not sitting but gets worse when driving and sitting for long periods. I am about 1.5 stones overweight and I think that this is causing muscles to stretch and ache. I'm starting an exercise and diet regime.

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The answer

Muscle aches are quite common and can be related to the position you are in when sitting or driving for long periods as the pain is relieved when not sitting this is suggestive that the ache is muscular. You have not stated if this ache is in the upper or lower back. Both can be muscular, lower back aches can be related to a disc in the lower back, your weight may also have an impact on this, so we would suggest seeing your GP to assess you as if muscular they can refer you to a physiotherapist to assess your positioning and it is good to see your GP prior to starting any new diet and exercise regimes.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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