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Dry persistent cough

I have have had a dry persistent cough for six days now it is worse tonight I cannot lie flat in bed at all. The racking cough eventually brings up some green phlegm. My chest is tight.

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The answer

As you have begun to bring up green phlegm and are experiencing some chest tightness it is suggestive that you may be developing a chest infection and it would seem sensible to make an appointment to see your doctor at the earliest opportunity.

They will be able to assess your chest and examine you and prescribe any treatment that may be necessary. In the meantime your pharmacist should be able to suggest some cough treatments to soothe your cough and reduce its persistence somewhat. Warm steamy drinks are also found to be soothing and add moisture to the airways Maintaining a good fluid intake and staying hydrated is also thought to be important as this can help to loosen any secretions in your lungs which can aid bringing them up and reducing the tightness experienced when they are consolidated within the lungs. Gentle steam inhalations can help this too.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses

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