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Barbara asked...

Approx 2 weeks ago I noticed a floater in my eye

Tags: Stress

Hi. I have recently moved house - end of April (pretty stressful)& had quite a lot of stress since, unfortunately. Approx 2 weeks ago I noticed a floater in my eye, definitely bigger than a smaller one I had previously noticed a year or so before. I had this checked at a full eye test subsequently. I was asked if I had seen any flashing lights, which at the time I hadn't. However a few days later I did notice peripheral flashing in one eye as I was getting into bed when I turned off the bedroom light. This continued for several days, after which I returned to the Optician for another check. The optician did what appeared to be a very thorough check, dilating the pupils & retinal photography etc. and concluded that the flashing lights were probably a migraine though I had no headache. My question is that the flashings are still continuing, have been going on now for well over a week, however I have had a lot of further stress, as already mentioned! What would you suggest please - I will definitely try to calm down, but should I be concerned?

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The answer

You have done all the correct things so far to look for a diagnosis.

The next stage would be to visit your GP; he needs to assess the possibility of any neurological issues.

 He will also check basic possibility’s such as increased blood pressure.

You are certainly correct that these problems may be connected to stress, however it would still be sensible to see your Doctor and get them to check you over.


Answered by the Health at Hand nurses

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