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Jackie asked...

Concerns about my thyroid seriously

I am worried that my GP may not take my concerns about my thyroid seriously. I have had a private test after he said my results were normal, as i have every symptom.

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The answer

We thank you for your question.  It can be very worrying when we feel we have the symptoms of thyroid disease and our laboratory tests are normal. 

In this instance we would suggest talking to your General Practitioner about false negative laboratory tests.  A false-negative test may suggest that a person does not have a disease or condition being tested for but actually does have it.    

We would suggest speaking to your General Practitioner about whether it would be clinically appropriate to have a referral onto an endocrinologist.  An endocrinologist will be able to diagnose and treat diseases related to hormones accurately.

We hope that the following information is useful.

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