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Efosa asked...

Calcifications formed in both quads

Hello, I play football, and had continuous injuries to my right and left quadriceps. As a result calcifications formed in both quads at about the same location (rectus femoris). I had to undergo surgery in 2012 as the calcification on the right quad was huge and restricted my movement. The doctors also advised not the do both surgeries as there were no guarantees the calcifications wouldn't reoccur. I still play football and I feel pain after games or practice sessions simply because there's huge scar tissue on my right quad and still a calcification on my left quad. Other than surgery is there a natural way to reverse the calcification in my left quadricep? Also what's the best way to reduce the internal scar tissue as I still feel pain around it sometimes. I do not want another surgery!

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The answer

Sorry to hear about your calcification in your quadriceps muscle.  It is certainly worth discussing this matter with your consultant further.  T

here has been some beneficial effects with steroid injections-specifically guided by ultrasound or CT scan.  It would also be beneficial to have treatment from a physiotherapist as there have been some benefits found in wearing braces and supports. 

Anecdotally some patients with similar conditions have found benefit in acupuncture but this is not evidence based and results vary from individual to individual.  I hope this gives you some action points and some areas of discussion with your specialist.   


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