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Rosalind asked...

Do I need to go on a diet?

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I have always been very slim but now, aged 63, I find to my horror I'm 1-2 stones overweight and my stomach is huge. I now wear size 16 clothes but am only about 5'5" tall. I don't overeat and do cook fresh meals, not ready-made. Do I need to go on a diet, and where would I start?

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The answer

A balanced diet and healthy lifestyle is particularly important in maintaining health, whatever your age.

We see that you have mentioned that you have home cooked meals and that you don’t over-indulge, which is a brilliant way to keep processed foods and sometimes “unseen” calories to a minimum.

It is difficult to pinpoint why you have gained weight, but we have put together some links which you may find useful.

As you suggest that you are careful about what you eat, it may be recommended that you discuss your issues with your G.P. or Practice Nurse at your surgery. It may be an idea to speak to them prior to making any changes in your dietary intake. They may have a healthy living program and advise you on steps that you can take before making any changes in your diet.

A useful guide to identifying the correct weight for your height is the Body Mass Index. This is a useful tool to guide you to what your weight should be. (Please note that this is just a guide). The NHS Choices website has a very useful section relating to diet & exercise in their Eat Well Guide.

It also has articles and explanations on related issues like what is a balanced diet, understanding calories, & recipes and meal plans to help guide you.

We have also provided you with a link to the Change4life website, which offers support for a change in dietary needs and lifestyle, and where to start.

As previously mentioned, it is always a good idea to inform your G.P. before making any major changes in your diet. We hope you find the following links of use.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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