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Do I have swollen glands?

Hello, Apologies in advance for the topic of this question, as I realise it is not in the best taste. I recently had sexual intercourse a few times in a 12 hour period, and the last time - I had some blood in my ejaculate. This was concerning to me as I had never seen this before. I looked it up online and NHS said it is most likely due to some swollen glands that produce sperm or something like that. However, it could also be a sexually transmitted disease or testicular cancer. I am concerned about the latter and would like to see a nurse / doctor about this to get a checkup. 1) Do you have any further input on this issue? 2) How do I go about setting up an appointment with a doctor to get a test for STD's and Testicular Cancer? Thank you in advance for your help.

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The answer

Any time you notice blood in your ejaculate it is recommended that you see your doctor to have this assessed. It can be due to a simple cyst, injury, inflammation, infection or potentially something more serious, so this is why I would recommend you see your GP for examination and referral to a urologist if needed. There are numerous sexual health clinics in the UK where you can be checked for an STD or you can see your GP for testing.

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