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Rob asked...

Dislocated my ankle

I dislocated my ankle three weeks ago, I was able to relocate it myself and went to a&e the next day. They said I would be fine and my x rays were clear and I should be walking on it however every time I do, it gets very swollen and I am still experiencing an exceptional amount of pain. Do I need to get it looked at again?

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The answer

Thank you for contacting us with your query, a dislocated ankle can sometimes require splinting after the joint has been put back into its proper position to allow full healing to continue and to immobilise the joint while this is in progress. Occasionally there can be also be associated damage to one of the tendons in the foot and when this is suspected an MRI or CT scan is more usually performed.

In view of your ongoing acute pain and swelling when you try to walk on it it would seem sensible to speak to your GP and perhaps consider asking for an orthopaedic opinion in order that your ankle can be assessed more fully. In the meantime resting the joint as much as possible along with elevation, keeping your foot up at rest and ice packs for any swelling may help to reduce some of the symptoms you are currently experiencing.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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