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Chris asked...

Difficulty sleeping

I'm currently having difficulty sleeping, unsure of the cause. I've reduced my caffeine and do not consume in the afternoon. Any additional advice would be great. Thank you

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The answer

Caffeine intake can affect your sleep pattern as can many other things, the fact you have reduced your intake will help. Heat, light, noise, stress and anxiety are the most common causes of sleep problems.

Usually having your bedroom slightly cooler can aid sleep, as can the use of blackout blinds to reduce the light in your room and removing all electronic equipment from your bedroom when you are trying to sleep. Ensuring that you take some exercise through the day can help ensure you are tired enough to sleep, do not exercise just before you go to bed as this can make you feel more stimulated. Some recommend reducing stimulus about 90 minutes before you go to bed so that you have time to unwind before your planned bed time, which means turning off the TV, and any communication devices, this can help you mentally unwind. If this does persist and becomes an issue we would suggest talking to your GP.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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