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Christopher asked...

Tags: diabetes , sugar

I have a problem with my blood sugar. My last meal is about 6/7pm. I sleep till 8am. I therefore have fasted for 14 hours. I test my sugar at about 9am. My sugar is around 9.4.

I wait for the sugar to fall and retake a reading at 10.30/11am and my reading will be between 7-8.5 I may have had a short 20 min walk but not always. I do not understand why after rest the sugar is so high?

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The Answer

Well done for being so pro active with your health.

Rest is not in itself an influencing factor on blood sugar levels so it is unsurprising that you are not seeing much change after a period of rest. Other factors such as stress levels which can cause cortisol secretion which in turn can impact blood sugar may be at play.

You do not mention if you have been diagnosed with or are suffering from diabetes, if that were the case it would be wise to discuss your readings with your clinician responsible for you.

If there is no existing reason I would suggest taking your readings along to your gp to discuss these concerns as further investigation would be sensible. Your gp will be able to perform more in-depth blood sugar testing that will yield a true picture of your overall blood sugar status.

Answered by Health at Hand nurses.


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