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Deteriorated vision

My vision appears to have deteriorated very suddenly since August. I have reoccurring sinus pressure headaches. I have a stiff neck and a tight painful upper back. Is it possible that the feeling off fullness in my head or the painful cracking neck could have an impact on my eyesight? My GP tends to be dismissive about anything so I haven't seen him in over a year and just self-medicate.

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The answer

Without knowing the exact nature of the visual symptoms and deterioration you have been experiencing such as whether it is blurred vision or a deterioration in long or short sight it is not fully possible to know if this is related to your sinus headaches or not. However, given that you are also experiencing sinus headaches with neck stiffness and tightness in the upper back it is possible there could be a relationship if the Optic nerve is experiencing any pressure.

Alternatively, the tightness in your upper back might be causing the neck stiffness you are experiencing and possibly the headaches while the eyesight deterioration could be unrelated. Given the nature of your symptoms it does seem important to have a thorough medical assessment to see whether these symptoms are linked or not, and any appropriate treatment required can then be instigated. Under the circumstances it would therefore be prudent to arrange an appointment to see your GP to discuss these symptoms further with a view to any treatments or further investigations that may be required.

If you are not able to receive an early appointment with your GP we would suggest making an appointment to see your optician while you are waiting as they will be able to determine very quickly if there is a problem with the Optic Nerve and if not the cause of your eyesight deterioration.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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