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Most common dental conditions

Publish date: 16/01/2017

Tags: Dental , Teeth

Most common dental conditions

Even though the mouth is a relatively small area of the body, there are a surprising number of conditions and symptoms that can arise.

If you ever have a concern with your mouth, no matter how small, visit your dentist. They will be able to offer advice and suggest treatment options, whether it be a chipped tooth, toothache or an ulcer that does not heal.

We have looked at a wide variety of dental and oral conditions and treatment available.

We hope this will prove useful for reference and reassurance.

Bad breath (halitosis)

Burning mouth syndrome

Caries / Tooth decay

Cold sore


Dental implant

Dry mouth

Inflamed gums (gingivitis) and Periodontal Disease

Mouth cancer

Toothache / Abscess

Trauma / Broken tooth


Wisdom teeth eruption

Dental insurance

Dental insurance

Our affordable dental plan, including:

  • Routine dental treatments
  • Remedial or restorative treatments
  • Unexpected dental treatments.

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