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Daughter has tummy pain

My daughter is complaining about tummy pain and she has a high temperature as well. We went to the GP but he is not interested in giving us a referral. We are flying on the 11th and want to make sure everything is good.

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The answer

Generally, it is not advisable to fly whilst unwell with pain and fever and to wait instead until the symptoms have subsided. Your concern is understandable but it’s quite possible your daughter does not require specialist intervention at this point if she is suffering from a mild viral or bacterial infection.

Equally although you do not mention any other symptoms if her pain and fever remain then another visit to the Gp to assess the cause of her problem and any treatment required would seem to be sensible, he should also be able to guide you on whether she will be fit to fly on the 11th. Hopefully in another week her symptoms will have passed and you will be able to travel safely on the 11th.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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