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shazia asked...

Constant pain in abdomen

I have a constant pain in my right side - lower abdomen. To me I think it is my ovary. The doctor has been informed so many times. I've had an operation to remove my fibroid in December and the pain has occurred since then. Alongside this I have excessive discharge which is now smelling like rotten flesh. Doctors gave me medication but the pain has still not gone. I am not in a relationship. I feel tired all the time and the pain is awful.

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The answer

There are several reasons why you may be experiencing these symptoms and the presence of a malodourous discharge would seem to be indicative of an infection somewhere given that the treatment for BV bacterial vaginosis doesn’t appear to have worked. However, as fibroids are located in the uterus and you have pain over the right side of your lower abdomen radiating into your back, while it is possible you may be experiencing some referred pain from the uterus it is equally possible that there may be a small ovarian cyst on your right ovary for example or a more generalized low grade infection.

Conditions such as endometriosis can also cause similar symptoms in terms of pain and tiredness but this is not usually associated with discharge and infection. Under the circumstances and given that the symptoms appear to have developed since your surgery we do feel it is important that you arrange a thorough review with your GP.

If you feel that the GP you have been seeing is not finding the answers you need do bear in mind that you can always make an appointment to see another Gp in the surgery to both discuss these symptoms and have a thorough assessment as to the cause. A pelvic ultra sound scan for instance may be very helpful at this stage to aid in diagnosing the problem and swabs would also usually be taken of the discharge you have been experiencing and then sent for analysis of any bacterial growth to allow treatment to be prescribed according to the results.

We do hope you will find this information of use and wish you the best of luck in getting this resolved. Please also discuss pain relief with your GP when you see them to ensure you can be made more comfortable in the meantime while you are waiting for this to be resolved.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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