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Janet asked...

Chemotherapy and diet

Tags: Cancer , Diet

Hi, I'm undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer but am aware I have bad fat around my mid-rif. Could you give me any dietary advice suggesting foods/supplements that help fight against cancer and that would keep my blood in the best condition.

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The answer

Research regarding diet and cancer are constantly being looked into but as yet there is no definitive answer as to which foods cause and prevent cancer.

However it is felt that maintaining a weight which is healthy is the best thing to do to help fight cancer.

Some foods that have been thought to help in the fight of cancer are those rich in folates and Vitamin D as these build up the strength of the cells and bones in the body.

Green Vegetables, ginger, tea and foods rich in antioxidants are also thought to help by helping eliminate toxins from the body.

Supplements can also be useful in helping you maintain healthy nutrient levels which may be lacking. It is best to try to maintain a healthy body weight as weight can be put on due to the effect of some of the medications, e.g Steroids.

Chemotherapy can cause nausea and changes to the mouth- taste sensations so your appetite may well change. Eating little and often rather than big meals may also help you maintain a healthy weight as well as reducing nausea and vomiting episodes that may occur particularly during chemotherapy treatment.

In order to help maintain your weight it would be advisable to attempt some form of exercise as well as eating healthily.

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Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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