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Loraine asked...

Tags: cancer , digestion , liver

I have been diagnosed as having Neuroendocrine cancer in the small intestine which has spread to the liver, but not sure whether the liver has an endocrine cancer.

I was admitted to hospital 5/10/14 with surgery arranged for 06/10/14. The surgery was cancelled that morning because the biopsy results which were taken on 01/10/14 arrived just before surgery was due to proceed.

I am still waiting for an appointment to see the endocrinologist which up until an hour ago the secretary has no knowledge of the request to allocate one for me. My surgeon informed me that my cancer is in the advanced stages and wants to operate as soon as possible. I have been extremely positive up until now but now I feel despondent. Should I keep pestering them or leave it to my key worker who is equally frustrated?

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The Answer

I’m so sorry to hear what you have been going through; it is understandable you feel despondent about the surgery being cancelled and the wait for this appointment. It’s always useful to keep asking and keep going!

Perhaps your endocrinologist could discuss your results by phone if they are unable to find you an appointment; his secretary may be able to help facilitate this. Under the circumstances it also seems likely that the results may be faxed over to your surgeon for speed if they are not already available electronically. You might want to ask for or request this.

If you still feel you are getting nowhere and are unable to speak with or be given an appointment with your endocrinologist it may be helpful to discuss this with your GP instead. They may well be able to fax an urgent request or even call the doctors at the hospital to discuss your situation. Under the circumstances I’m sure they would do all they could to help. I really wish you well with this and for the surgery. If you need any more guidance or support please feel free to contact us at any time.

Answered by Health at Hand nurses.


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