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Jayne asked...

Fat grafting in reconstruction.

Tags: Cancer

I had a modified radical mastectomy in June with no reconstruction and so have been left just tightly stitched skin where my right breast was. I am due to start radiotherapy in January. I have been reading with interest about stem cell fat grafting / Cytori / Restore 2 work with women who have had lumpectomies using fat grafting with fantastic success. I was wondering if there are any plans to try to use fat grafting in cases such as mine? I realise my options for reconstruction are few and so I have been trying to research anything new that may be in the pipeline in the near future. I have read about the work of Dr Roger Khouri at the Miami Breast Centre and his ability to "build" a breast mound from scratch using his Brava mechanism to achieve external expansion of the skin before several fat grafting procedures. My enquiry is, are there any clinical trials being planned to use fat grafting with external expansion in this way in the UK? If so, I would very much like to be considered.

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The answer

It is very sensible to explore all the options, so that you are fully informed about the procedures before you decide what is best for you. It is not possible to know exactly what trials are in the pipeline, unless you are a breast surgeon already working in that field. You will be referred to a breast surgeon to talk about what options are available for you before any operations are planned. Make sure you ask all these questions then, while you have the specialist in front of you.

Each case is different and only your own consultant will know what type of operation is suitable for you.

Answered by Dr Emmajane Down.


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