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#Caffeine Curfew challenge sleepiness

Any tips on how to try & stay off the caffeine with a 3 year old and an 8 week old in the house? Cups of tea are a necessity!

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The answer

After stopping caffeine your energy levels should remain normal but not stimulated by caffeine effects, it can be useful however to think about other ways of improving and maintaining a healthy energy level that doesn’t require the use of caffeine.

Eating a well balanced diet consisting of protein vegetables fruits pulses nuts and seeds for example and reducing any refined or simple carbohydrates such as white bread pasta and rice and sugar should provide all the essential nutrients for good health and help to boost your energy.

With two young children it’s also very likely your sleep is being affected which may well leave you feeling tired when you are starting your day so thinking about your current sleeping pattern and looking to see if there is a way of introducing a short rest period for yourself or getting to bed slightly earlier could also help. If you are hoping to reduce your caffeine intake then stopping slowly is probably the most sensible thing to do, we usually recommend starting by reducing your intake by one cup a day of a caffeinated drink.

You can pace it in a way that suits you best so you may like to reduce by 1 cup a day for three days then two cups a day for three days or you may prefer to do this over a period of weeks reducing by an extra cup a week until you have stopped. This is also thought to help reduce any withdrawal effects you may experience and can help your body adjust more gradually to managing without the stimulation caffeine provides.

There are also some products of tea and coffee available that carry reduced amounts of caffeine usually half and half which you may like to look into as another way of reducing your intake until you have stopped.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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