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Joanne asked...

Body twitches

I am hoping you can help me. It is in regard to my teenage son - even when he was younger i was always aware that when I cuddle him his body twitches - not an obvious twitch you can see but when you hold him you can feel it. At the weekend, my son went to a party and had a bit too much to drink (his first time) and I noticed while he was drunk that the twitches were far more pronounced. Is this something I should investigate further or a pretty common thing?

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The answer

Benign twitches can often be commonly seen and these can resolve and disappear quite harmlessly and are not usually a cause for concern. There are numerous possible causes for twitching of any kind or a perceptible tremor that is felt when holding or touching someone. However, it is always sensible to ensure that twitching is not indicating the presence of an imbalance for example or problem with the nervous system in the body and for that reason I do think it would be sensible to arrange an appointment for your son to see his GP. They will be able to take a history and to perform blood and other routine screening tests to determine if the twitching warrants any further investigation or treatment.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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