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Bloated after breakfast

Hi, most mornings, if not every morning I have 4 eggs for breakfast. Every time I've eaten them, my stomach feels heavy and bloated? Have I got/built up an egg intolerance?

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The answer

Occasionally there are foods that can trigger food intolerances, but it can be very difficult to determine which foods are causing certain symptoms. Some individuals may find certain foods may give them digestive issues.

Eggs as a foodstuff are high in protein, which usually cause you to feel fuller & more satisfied after consuming them. However four eggs does seem plentiful in one sitting. It may be suggested that you should reduce the amount of eggs consumed at one meal, or cease having them for a while to see if the symptoms that you have described are reduced or improved. Another suggestion may be to keep a food diary to discover what foods trigger the symptoms you are experiencing.

If your symptoms persist, it may be possible to get some further advice from your General Practitioner or Dietician at your Doctor’s Surgery.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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